We provide an investigative training program that leads our industry.

Client Value: The program was cooperatively developed by a retired U.S. Secret Service Agent and attorneys, which ensures quality investigative training and knowledge of law.

Every investigator undergoes an extensive criminal background check and drug testing prior to being hired.

Client Value: Rest assured that our personnel are of the caliber and character to well represent your interests in and out of the court room.

Every case undergoes a thorough in-house preliminary investigation before fieldwork begins.

Client ValuePreparation and planning are crucial to the successful outcome of any investigation.

We utilize cutting-edge technology, including wireless video transmitters and covert micro-video cameras.

Client Value: These state-of-the-art covert devices yield uncommon results, enabling us to work in the most difficult surroundings better than ever before.

Our digital communications devices keep us in constant contact with every investigator.

Client Value: A team of experts work on every phase of your case while facilitating the management process. Continual communication reduces sub-optimal investigative decisions. This also provides excellent client communication 24-hours a day.

We provide professional video with a strict chain of custody maintained on video footage.

Client Value: You receive well-formatted video documentation necessary to handle the claim and can be assured that the field-footage is always safe and available for trial.

We provide the most detailed and professionally formatted reports in the industry.

Client Value: These high-impact trial ready reports are designed to withstand the strictest scrutiny throughout the judicial process.

We have access to an expansive network of computer databases.

Client Value: We have fingertip access to the crucial data necessary to solve the toughest cases.

Our investigators are full-time, licensed and insured.

Client ValueThese career minded professionals provide superior service and are insured for our clients’ peace of mind.

We maintain a $1,000,000.00 General Aggregate Liability Policy including Errors and Omissions coverage.

Client Value: This provides a prudent safety net to maintain your peace of mind.