As the largest investigative agency in the state of Colorado, Coburn Investigative Agency, Inc. is continually looking for qualified candidates to join our elite investigative team. We seek the best and the best seek us.  Candidates chosen to join our team attend a 5-week state-of-the-art training program, which is recognized as having set the private-sector standard for investigative training. Additionally, CIA, Inc.'s system, “The System” was created by attorneys, an ex-Secret Service Agent and former Federal Law Enforcement Officers. Some have tried mimicking our methodology but none have remotely approached the breadth, scope or insight of our system.

CIA, Inc. employees receive additional formal training, consisting both of classroom and field curriculum which is just the beginning of our investment in your skills. Our investigators obtain a cache of “company-issued” investigative equipment and tools placing them in a different league.  All team members are trained in use of photography, covert, low-lux, micro-video cameras, video editing, foot and mobile automobile surveillance, tracking people, the use of disguises, the law, the court system, report writing, and so many more critical investigative skills.  Each new investigator is prepared to hit the ground running as a vital member of our team. Post formal training, investigators are paired with veteran fraud investigators who continue to mentor the new investigator to ensure they meticulously hone their newly acquired talents. A team works with each investigator to ensure their rapid advancement in talent and investigative prowess.

In one year, under our guidance, you will develop the skills that others in the industry chase for an entire career.  Our methodology assures that each of investigative team member is the best trained, equipped, managed and supported in business. It’s what we mean at Coburn Investigative Agency when we say: “Gathering Intelligence, Intelligently”.

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Coburn Investigative Agency, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.