A Full Service Agency

Coburn Investigative Agency, Inc. is the largest private investigative firm in the state of Colorado and provides the highest quality investigative services including Surveillance, Activity Checks, Medical History, Social Network & Internet Research, Background Checks, Threat Assessments, Process Service, and much more.

Surveillance & Activity Checks

Coburn Investigative Agency is unmatched in our covert surveillance expertise. Employing a wide variety of ethical and legal stealth techniques, our service is remarkably distinct.

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Social Networking & Research

In today’s media rich society, social networking and internet research can portray a picture of the claimant’s past, present, and possible future activities. Our tenacious, internet savvy Research Team can find information on a one-time basis or provide monitoring of active sites on a schedule you decree to deliver time sensitive information immediately.

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Background Checks

Often in the claims process, it is critical to develop an accurate picture of the claimant’s background, thus all CIA, Inc. investigators are well trained to conduct efficient backgrounding whether through database searches or an actual physical courthouse search. Be it criminal or civil, to review criminal history, felonies, misdemeanor records, driving records, or litigation activities, we are prepared to provide you with a comprehensive background.

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Threat Assessments

In today’s volatile climate, the possibility of threats must be taken seriously—much more than mere liability is at stake. Rapid response, effective threat assessment, and strategic planning is essential to successfully resolving these incidents. CIA, Inc.’s Threat Assessment Team was established by a high-ranking Secret Service Agent and is presently directed by attorneys, military combat veterans, and law enforcement professionals. Let our experience and skill give you the peace of mind to focus on your business.

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Coburn Medical Department

Coburn Investigative Agency, Inc. offers the most diverse and comprehensive worldwide medical history searches, medical record retrievals, and clinic inspections available in the industry. When you need to know if the current injury is pre-existing, our findings may be invaluable in determining the issue of liability. If you suspect provider or attorney fraud, our Medical Department will uncover the truth.  Each of our staff members was selected based on their professional insurance and medical experience, an obvious benefit to you. All are trained to CIA, Inc.’s strict standards and are graduates of our intensive medical training program. Armed with in-depth industry experience, knowledge, and training, our team is your arsenal in the fight against fraud.

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