Who are the Coburn Investigative Agency's Founders?

Heading our team is the founder, Randy L. Coburn, an attorney with former undercover experience and a Bachelor of Science degree in Forensic Science. Assisting is Jason Spector also an attorney, holding an LLM in Real Property and Taxation from the University of Miami. These two experienced lawyers, along with retired Federal Law Enforcement and Military Veterans, and seasoned professionals lead the investigative management team.

What In-House Databases Do You Have Access To?

We have an ever-growing extensive network of in-house databases which provide essential data, such as tag numbers, registrations, addresses, social security numbers, neighbors' names and telephone numbers, criminal and civil history at the state and federal level, workers' compensation history, UCC filings, current case law, state statutory law, property ownership, etc. (used as allowed by law). Just as important, we have a dedicated in-house staff on duty to support the field investigators at every turn. This has proven to be indispensable in providing you with unmatched quality investigative results.


What is Coburn Investigative Agency's Coverage Area?

Our small-to-medium sized business (by corporate standards) affords you the benefit of both diversity and strategic placement of investigators who are embedded in their geographic areas, know the terrain, the authorities, the local population, and how to blend! This allows us to respond quickly and effectively in any area of Colorado.

What Kind of Surveillance Equipment do your Investigators Use?

Our investigators use company issued low-lux concealed body cameras, state-of-the-art stabilized video cameras with powerful zoom capability, digital communications with interstate capabilities, binoculars and much more. No Agency is as committed as Coburn Investigative Agency, Inc. to keeping pace with the rapid technological advancements in our industry.


What is your Investigative Team’s Qualifications?

Our highly motivated professional and seasoned investigators have extensive experience in the investigative field and undergo Coburn Investigative Agency's comprehensive and systematic training program.  Our staff and Board of Advisors include experienced Attorneys, Federal and State law enforcement, U.S. Military veterans and retired U.S. Secret Service personnel.


How long has your Firm Been in Business?

Coburn Investigative Agency, Inc. has been in business for over 35 years.

Do you Borrow Investigators from other Firms to Fill-in during Busy Periods?

Never.  All investigators are licensed, bonded, insured and highly-trained professionals.  We do not sub-contract our investigative work.

Are you Insured?

Yes.  CIA, Inc. is insured with an Aggregate General Liability Policy and Errors and Omissions Policy of $1,000,000.