Are you ready to take the chanllenge and be a part of the largest and fastest growing investigative agency in Colorado?  We seek only career minded and dedicated personnel. This is not a 9 to 5 job. We work hard, long and irregular hours.  This job can cut into your personal life. But the rewards are many.

We are proud of what we do and are vigilant and meticulous in who we hire.  Due to the unique nature of our industry, careers in fraud investigations can be quite demanding. The rewards are numerous as well. We offer competitive salaries, rapid growth opportunities, retirement plans with company matching funds, compensation for select holidays, paid training, PTO, and much more.

No prior experience is needed.  However, ideal candidates will possess experience in the military, security, investigative fields or criminal justice related degrees. Candidates possessing Associates and/or Bachelor degrees in companion fields are encouraged to apply.

Candidates should demonstrate investigative aptitude (the ability to process information, create insightful plans of action, and think-on-their-feet), computer basics (MS Word and internet experience specifically), report writing (candidates must be able to write court-ready reports based on professional observation/video), and a solid autonomous work ethic.

Most importantly, at Coburn Investigative Agency, Inc. a candidate must possess a demonstrated passion for this career. Once you have familiarized yourself with our Agency and are convinced you qualify, please follow the instructions we have provided in our Job Application.  All open positions are located within the State of Colorado.

Your performance begins here. Your attention to detail and ability to follow directions is under review already. So, “no calls please” nor other correspondence regarding this position please.   We will respond to every completed application received and extend offers to interview to qualified candidates. We look forward to speaking with you.

Please complete the Job Application

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Coburn Investigative Agency, Inc. is accepting applications for Entry-Level Fraud Investigator Positions throughout the Colorado Region.